Music Festival Shoulder Saddle
Music Festival Shoulder Saddle

Always great to receive a brief with the request for "an instruction manual-like, tongue-in-cheek” illustration. The Music Festival Shoulder Saddle is one of two concepts from JWT Melbourne that I illustrated as part of their social media campaign for the Australian wine maker Lindeman’s.

After receiving the client brief and scamp I developed a sketch with the Western-style saddle, character design and added the 'thumbs up' for some extra humour. Once approved I proceeded to final art (I've since updated the colours and design for my folio.)

The illustration appeared across Lindeman’s social media accounts with the caption: Giving a friend a shoulder ride at a music festival is the gentlemanly thing to do. It’s also a one way ticket to scoliosis. Protect your neck this festival season with the Music Festival Shoulder Saddle.

Client: JWT (Melbourne)
Date: January, 2018

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