The Festival Shoulder Saddle
Gentleman’s Collection wine

I love receiving a brief with the request for an “instruction manual-like, tongue-in-cheek” illustration. The Festival Shoulder Saddle concept from JWT Melbourne certainly fits that description. It was part of a social media campaign for Lindeman’s Gentleman’s Collection, a wine range targeted at younger men.

Here’s the caption for the video: Giving a friend a shoulder ride at a music festival is the gentlemanly thing to do. It’s also a one way ticket to scoliosis. Protect your neck this festival season with The Festival Shoulder Saddle.

The video has been viewed over 162,000 times in the three months since it was posted on the Gentleman’s Collection Facebook page.

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[Video by: JWT Melbourne]
  • Client: Lindeman's Gentleman's Collection
  • Date: January, 2018
  • Services: Illustration