Escape a rhinoceros charge!

Another fun project for the folk at Men’s Fitness magazine.

This month’s illo was ‘How to escape a rhinoceros charge’. The fairly straight forward brief became more complex as I did a bit of research into the subject.

Firstly, it’s only the black rhino that is aggressive, the ‘white’ rhino is much more passive.

However according to Wikipedia, the two species aren’t distinguishable by colour. The name ‘white’ is a “mistranslation of the Dutch word wijd for wide, referring to its square upper lip as opposed to the pointed or hooked lip of the Black Rhinoceros.”

The best way to tell the difference between the two species is by their mouth. They are now sometimes referred to as the Square-lipped (for White) or Hook-lipped (for Black) Rhinoceros.

So, now you know how to distinguish (as well as escape) from an angry rhino.

Here is the text that accompanied the illustrations:

  • White Rhinos are relatively passive will avoid people. Black rhinos, however, are notoriaoulsy aggressive and will charge is starteled or threatened.
  • If a black rhino charges, run at full pelt. Rhinos can run at about 50 km/h but only for a very short distance. All rhinos have poor eyesight, so duck left and right behind objects to throw them off your track
  • Find a tree and climb it and stay still. Then change your underpants.
  • Client: Men's Fitness (Australia)
  • Date: May, 2010