Cockpit illustration
Shortlist magazine (UK)

Sadly my childhood dream of piloting an F16-C Falcon or space shuttle was never realised, but being able to create a super-detailed cockpit illustration for London-based Shortlist magazine was almost the next best thing.

The magazine article featured descriptions of what it feels like to pilot an F16-C Falcon, the space shuttle Endeavour and a Porsche 919 Hybrid. They were also annotated with information about what all those switches and buttons actually do, something I was keen to find out after spending so many hours drawing them.

You can find out for yourself via this link to the article on the Shortlist website here.

Sometimes you don’t even need a cockpit. Check out my illustrations of the JB-9 Jetpack here.

  • Client: Shortlist (UK)
  • Date: February, 2018
  • Services: Technical illustration